Monday, August 15, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Meal planning is one of my favorite things to do.  I can see what is on sale for the week and what I have that can make meals cheaper in the long run. 
This week will still be a laid back week for me.  My kids are coming home Wednesday.  I am so excited.  I have missed them ALLOT!!  We won't have a  whole lot of time with school starting and orientations, so quick meals will have to cut it for us this week.

Here is what I have in store for this week.  Nothing is ever written in stone in my house but certainly close to it  :)

Monday-  Dad and I are grocery shopping so we will pick up something nice from the Deli.  Like a nice rotisserie chicken
Tuesday- Basil Chicken over Angel Hair Pasta  Pasta and basil tomatoes that we got on sale @ Publix for less then $2.00.  This meal may cost about $7.00 to make which is mostly the chicken breasts.    
Wednesday-Breakfast for dinner  since my kids come home this evening this is on of their favorites. Eggs and Egg beaters that were on sale  Also I can get farm fresh eggs from my Sister, THANKS LISA!!!  Sausage and pancakes.  Which are on sale THIS WEEK, check it out!!!  
Thursday- Chicken and Gnocchi-soup crock pot     I plan on using the chicken left over from Monday and boiling it down for a nice chicken stock for this dish.  I had this for the first time @ Olive Garden, THANKS TO LISA !!!  and it was a very nice soup. Not to heavy an lots of flavor
Friday- Dinner out!!!   We still have a few gift cards that we are going to use.  Something Special for the kids since they start school soon.  I am thinking RED LOBSTER!!! 
Saturday- we plan on taking the leftover Gnocchi soup and turning it into a chicken and dumplings with spinach and carrots.  Yummy!!!! 
Sunday- We have church and a nice lunch planned for the kids @ Make"N the Dough in Lake Placid, FL  This is a very nice family owned Italian Restaurant which we had lunch there last Sunday.  Talk about a nice group of people and EXCELLENT food.  We had our belly's full and lots of leftovers for dinner.  Love the Italian leftovers.....  YUMMY!!! 

all in all  this week should be a nice dinner week.  I know that I am only cooking 3 days this week and eating out for a few days which isn't the normal @ all in our house.  Considering the time we have and things to get done this will still work out to be a less expensive dinner week. 
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