About Me

Hi, I'm Andrea. I have a wonderful husband Bryan and two fantastic kids. We love being outdoors and doing things with our family. Occasionally we get time to go horse back riding, 4 wheeling, boating, fishing and just having some plan old fun.  I love blogging.  I'm still fairly new @ it but it's nice to relax and kick back a little.  I created this blog so I could post a few things for my friends to assist them with saving some money. Couponing has been able to help us get some old debt paid off, save money and spend a little extra time with our kids.  Little by little I plan to get it done. With God's help we will succeed.   I work a full time job , tend to my family and be a mom.  We all know that is a job all by itself.   We are extremely busy.  Bryan coaches baseball and football  and both our kids are in sports all year around.   I still find time to help our family save money and doing so is one of the reason we can spend time together as well as our kids.  We try to spend as much time as we can with them because  soon those days when they are all grown up... well it will be great memories.
I hope you find something out of my blog that will help you too save some money. If you have questions about couponing. ASK!!! If I don't know, I can certainly find out. Good luck and Happy Shopping!!! Don't forget to check out some of the other blog sites I have listed. They all have tons of great information!!
Thanks again and I hope you add my Grab me button and keep up to date with my blog!!!     PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME @ PIKO111@AOL.COM

thanks Melissa for the pic.  It was fun seeing it @ the fair!!