Monday, August 8, 2011

Meal Plan Monday!

Meal planning is always a good day.  I get to think about all the stuff I can make out of what I have or will be purchasing this week.  Now Since I haven't been shopping in 3 weeks. I am WAY behind the eight ball.  With us traveling/vacationing and kids gone I really didn't need to get stuff.  I also wanted to clean down my stock pile to start fresh and have fresh fixings.   Now this week it's meal planning for 2.  Bryan and I have a week with no kids....   IMAGINE THAT!!!  

Monday-  Stuffed Chicken Breast,  I had this old recipe, not sure where I got it from but it's stuffed with Rice, Mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.  Basil, Garlic, salt and pepper.  It's a fantastic dish....  I will make some steamed asparagus as well   YUMMY!!! 

Tuesday-  Chicken Alfredo and pasta.  I will use the left over chicken breast and make pasta mix it all with Alfredo sauce.  Romain Salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and almonds. 

Wednesday- Venison, mashed potatoes and broccoli    I use cube steak that is made out of venison instead of beef.   

Thursday- Taco Salad.  Since the kids are gone there will be no need for TACOS  just making it into a SALAD since that is how Bryan and I like it!!!   :) 

Friday-  I think Dad can take momma out for a nice dinner @ Red Lobster since I received a $50 gift card for a nice little Thank You!!!!  

Saturday-   Most likely some leftovers from the week   :) 

Sunday- we are having a late lunch with friends so dinner may not happen  :)
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