Monday, August 8, 2011

Lake Denton Camp/ Family Matters

As some of you know I spent a week as the camp cook and a camp councilor.  It was an amazing experience. I stayed busy that is for sure!!!    I had been there before back on Spring Break however this was twice the kids and twice the fun.  I learned allot about my family and what matters the most to me.  I recently found myself wrapped up in so much and was going a mile a minute.  Being @ Lake Denton with my family and spending some very much needed quality time it brought both Bryan and I back to focus..... the things that mean the most to us and doing what we love!!!!     We studied for a week on Nehemiah from the KJV of the old testament.  Makes you wonder what happens that is for certain.   Kids had a fantastic time and so did Bryan and I.  It will take us a week to re coop that is for sure since Bryan was the camp medic for 2 weeks.  He had his hands full, luckily nothing drastic happened, just a few snafu's.... but all in all  it was well watched over.  I will definitely recommend Lake Denton. 
We met some fantastic people and heard some  awesome testimonies from them.  Makes me realize how lucky I am and what I can look forward to.  Having GOD in our lives will certainly keep my family on the right track and focused.    Bailey accepted Jesus into her heart and has chosen a path to do the right thing and learn as she goes.  I have to remind her often  What would Jesus Do.....  she learned alot from camp and I will be sure to remind her of it all!!!  :)  Both the kids made some great friends as so did Bryan and I.  We are so looking forward to seeing them again and camp in October. Tanner had an exciting time.  He was the 'camp clown" as usual.  He's a good kid and everyone enjoyed having him around.

 If you are interested in Lake Denton you can find them @ (click here) Lake Denton Camp
 Thank you again and may God Bless your family as he is mine!!! 

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