Monday, June 27, 2011

Meal Plan Monday!!

Meal planning is an important tasks in our home.  We are so busy that sitting down and making sure what we decide to eat is in fact what we end up having.  I usually let my kids help decide what we are having for the week.  It doesn't always work out to be exact but we pretty much stick to the plan.  It makes my shopping days SO MUCH easier!!!   With this weeks sale @ Publix there are some really good ways to eat healthy as well. 

Monday-   Sante Fe Chicken Enchiladas, yellow rice, Broccoli with Cheese sauce
Tuesday-  Shopping day so this will be a quick meal,  Breakfast for dinner always goes well in my house 
Wednesday- Well my sister is visiting from SC and she's a WONDERFUL cook.  We will be joining  them for         dinner!!   :)  Yummy 
Thursday- Beef and Turkey Tacos and mom always has the Taco Salad   :) 
Friday- Dinner out.  not sure yet where since sis is visiting
Saturday-  BBQ @ my brothers which will be BBQ Chicken Ribs, and everyone is  bringing a covered dish   :) 
Sunday- I usually try to make Sunday a nice sit down dinner dish.  I am thinking stuff pork chops, rice risotto, and a steamed veggie..  

Make Meal Plan Monday fun!!!!  It makes your shopping a much easier trip!! 

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