Thursday, April 14, 2011

What, When and Where!!!

Every time I go shopping I have someone stop to check out my book, check out what I purchased and they always asked the question, "where do you get your coupons?"   To a couponer that's asking the golden question.   

 It's organization that helps me keep them in tack.  Most "couponers" have there own way of organizing.  I prefer to clip my coupons and store them in my book.   I clip what I know goes on sale or items I know that my family will use.   Anything else I clip and file for others to take.  I found that filing them by the Sunday paper dates wasn't working for me since most stores don't advertise their clearance items.   I would get to the store and see something on clearance and not have a way to get the coupon since it was @ home or better yet not know that I have it to make it a cheaper better deal.   This way, I have my book with me, I see something on sale, well guess what, I now can get it right then and not risk it being gone by the time I came back with the coupon.  This was a way for me to be able to save more money.   I create my shopping list the day before I go so it gives me some time to think about it and make sure I have all the coupons ready.   It takes me about 30 minutes to get my shopping together and pull coupons from my book. 

I started out couponing and using my store layout as a guide.   It was easier for me to be able to find items.  After couponing and seeing other "coupon bibles"  I think doing it by food item would be easier to locate the coupons.   I now am in the process of "revamping" my book to make it easier for me. 

Everyone that uses coupons have different websites different resources for coupons.   I found where I live the best for me is.....  drum roll please......   I get 2 Sunday papers each week, I use Yes I Have a Coupon  which has links on it for coupons my biggest resource is
I Heart Publix   she helps by providing the sales for the week along with the following week so I can see if it's something I need BAD or if I can wait to catch a better deal.    She has resources of coupons that can be printed and used.   In my area our sales run in a 6 week cycle so I know if something is on sale today it won't be on sale again for 6 weeks.   Viola!!   There you have a couponer's golden rule.
Just remember the sites because they are the key to a cheaper shopping experience!!

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  1. Great Post Andrea. I just returned from ShopRite and was upset to see that there were several items that I knew I had sitting in my accordian file that I store the inserts in. I too am discovering that filing isn't working for me. I need to purchase more baseball inserts and start cutting. I did however save $90, yay. Do you use coupon databases? I need to check that out. Have a great day!