Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4/19 Deals and Steals!!

I will be off and running for some things this week.  Both to stock up and things I need for the week!!  Here is a list of what I am getting....  as always ther eis a full match up @ I Heart Publix THANKS Michelle for all yo do!! 

Kraft Big cheese $2/5.00   4/17 sunday Paper -$1.00/1=$3.00
Ritz Crackerful are BOGo $2.99  Peelie is for 1$1.50/1 so it will make them free....  BUT if you don't have the peelie 4/17 Paper has a
-$1.00/1 so you can still get both for $1.00
Men's Nivia is on sale for $3.29 usehte $3.00 off from 4/17 paper and score it for $.29 cents each!! 
Yoplait Delights
Yoplait Delights 16oz (4 pk, 4 oz) 2/$4

$-.55/1 Publix Coupon
-$0.75/2 Yoplait Delights Multipack 3/6/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/30/2011)
-$1/1 Yoplait Delights Multipack 3/6/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/30/2011)
 $.50/1 Yoplait Coupon
As low as 45¢ after coupons!
Dunkin Hines Borwnie Mix are BOGO $2.69  4/10 paper $1.25/3  I will bet getting 6 for $5.07 plus!!!  the frosting is on sale and Publix Spring book has $.55 off the frosting....  now since the 4/10 paper also has a coupon for a free cake mix when you buy frosting or glaze and ther is a .75 peelie on the glaze.....   you can use all of them to really score some cheap brownies, cakes and icing!!  
Thomas English Muffins 3.69  BOGO
Lays potato Chips are BOGO $1.99  less $1.00 coupon in the yellow flyer makes me getting 4 bags for $3.98
Wesson Oil Is bogo  4.29 less $.40 cents off coupon from 4/10 paper makes 2 bottles for $3.49
Mt Olive Products BOGO $2.79 less .$55 hang tag!!   Makes 2 bottle for $1.69
Kelloggs Pop tarts are BOGO $2.09 less peelies for $.55 cents makes .99 for 2 of them!!!  
Quaker Bars BOGO  $2.99  $.75/1  3/13 paper makes them $1.49 for both 
Mentos Gum   BOGO $ 3.29   $1/1 2/27 paper makes them $1.29 for both
Breyers Ice Cream is BOGO $ 5.99 less Target coupon for $1.50/ 2  $4.49 for both
Sorrento Cheese BOGO  $4.69  less $1.00/ 2/6 paper, $1.00 off in 4/10 or 4/30 paper use 2 coupons and get 2 for $2.69
Kraft 2% Cheese  2/$4.00   $.75/1 off  score it for $1.25 each
All LAundry  2/ $8.00 less $1.00 off couon in the One Stop Publix booklet plus the $1.00/ 4/10 paper or the $1.50 off from the same paper and get both for $3.50
Dog food  Petigree  Publix ale for $3.99 $3.00 off makes it for $.99 cents and @ $2.00/ off  plus a free can  so basically they will pay me $1.00 per bag for 1 bag of food and 1 can of food for FREEE  
Bear Naked Trail mix 2/$4.00  peelies for $1.00  off

Now that shouldrun me about $50.00  Keeps me under my budget!! 

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