Monday, April 11, 2011

Meal Plan Monay

Start a week with Meal Planning Monday!!! This is a great way to get yourself organized. Make Life more simple with Meal Planning. Now there's no more "MOM, What's for dinner"

Now all of you know how busy I am this time of year. With Baseball season fast approaching and my daughter playing Travel Volleyball. We are constantly on the go. I am going to post my meal plans for the week. It's easy as reviewing what I will be purchasing from my local grocery and or what I have purchased over the week. This should make meal planning a much smoother process!!!

Monday- Stuff Chicken Breast , Broccoli and Baked potatoes
Tuesday- check out Yes I Have A Coupon she's making dinner for us tonight!!! thanks Mel!!
Wednesday- Country Fried Steaks, cheddar tatters and green bean casserole
Thursday- Grilled pork chops, sante fe rice, & baby snap peas

Friday- FREE FOR ALL !!! Mom and Bailey have volleyball Tanner and Dad have baseball. It's on the house tonight!!
Saturday I return home so I am sure I will muster something yummy up.
Sunday, we are going to venture and make it a CHINESE night. I will be making my turkey egg rolls and we are going to venture and make some tempura... and sushi. Now I won't eat it raw so yes we are going to cook and wrap our own. I'll update with some pictures. Should be interesting!!! Any ideas or hints you can give me will be greatly appreciated!!

Send me your recipes.... I am excited to have some new ideas for Dinner!!! What's on your plate?
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