Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well  I bet you are all wondering what happened to me.  lol  RIGHT!!!  Well it's a been a crazy week for the Hansen Family.  Labor day we took a little break and enjoyed the long weekend off.   Started of with the RELAY FOR LIFE FLOAT that we put together for the local Parade.  It was great!!!   LONG PARADE that is for sure for small town.  We enjoyed the day off swimming @ Lake Denton in Avon Park.  Snorkeling was amazing.  We didn't spend time in the boat as our new storm floating off the coast of Florida kick up quit a bit of wind so it wasn't an easy task. 
Our house has been so quiet....  We have 3 miniature dachshunds so when the doorbell rings well.....  you can only imagine.  Slinky, our oldest had developed a hernia which decided to take a toll on his tiny body the LABOR DAY weekend.  Low and behold Dr. Bryant @ our local vet took care of him.   He had to have surgery to correct and fix the hernia and 2 days later since the hernia was pulling on the muscles it decided to create a pinhole in his bladder.  So Slinky is on the road to recovery.  I would appreciate the Power of Prayer from everyone for his quick recovery, as my kids are patiently waiting for him to come home.

I haven't had to do much shopping these days to give you guys some breakdowns and great deals.  However now that we have rotated my pantry and my freezer, it's that time again.  I will be posting some EXCELLENT deals that are in the upcoming sales flyers. 
I do know that Publix has the $10 gift cards when you spend $50 which work great for the  Needing the Meat days...  I know that is exactly  where I will be getting my $50 bucks worth the groceries and taking advantage of using the $10.00 gift cards. 

Kids have started FOOTBALL   which is one of my favorite sports....  I love watching it and now that my son is finally able to wear pads, it's going to be GREAT watching him play and his sister cheer.  She definitely has been waiting patiently to get back cheering. 
I hope everyone had a safe Holiday Weekend and look forward to getting back on track with my BLOG.  

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