Friday, July 8, 2011

Publix Trip

Ok Friends  here is my list for this weeks sale.  There isn't much this week but surely I can make some dents in my pantry space!!! 

Milk  don't forget to snag your $.75/1 milk coupon CLICK HERE  

Listerine is on sale for $3.95  less he $2/1 in the Green Flyer and the $1.00 mfg coupon available this will make a great deal of $.95 a bottle.  I will be on the move for 2

Benadryl  this is still a GREAT DEAL!!!!  The Itch Sticks are on sale for $2.49  less the $2/1 in the green flyer and the $1.00/1 from this will be a nice money maker.   I have used up all my extra coupons but I must of missed 1 so I will be buying 1 this trip.

General Mills Cereals...  COOKIE CRISP and LUCKY CHARMS!!!!!!  the are BOGO $3.99 this week less the $.75/1  this makes for some cheap treats....  :)    I will be after 4 boxes.  $4.98 for all 4 boxes is $1.25 a box.  NICE!!!! 

Bumble Bee Tuna   is BOGO this week @ $3.99    I don't see any coupons for this however it's still cheap for 8 cans of tuna (2 4/packs)

Luigi Italian Ice are BOGO this week @ $3.69 there is a $.50/1 coupon which also can be located on  makes for them to be $2.69 for 2....  my kids are gonna love me come the HOT SUMMER FLORIDA DAYS!!!  

Crest Toothpaste are 10/$10 so break out your binders and get your June and July Proctor and Gamble coupons out and get as many as you can..... there are $.75/1 available and $1.00/1 available either way.... mixed with the Listerine sale we should all have GREAT teeth!!! 

Ziploc are also on sale this week $2/5.00 the only coupons I have are $1/2 so I will still get some Ziploc since I am completely out. 
Glad Forceflex bags are much needed in my home as well.... they aren't on sale however has $1.00/1 so they run about $4.39 making for $3.39   still a good deal.   I will compare that to the Publix Trash bags that are on sale and of course get the better deal!!! 

Milk bone treats for the dogs I believe are still on sale with buy theirs get ours free.....  I HOPE SO!!!! 
Dentastix are BOGO this week $3.59 less $1.00/1 makes these treats $1.59 so now....  my dogs will love me and we all have fresh breath!!!   :) 

Happy Shopping!  DON'T forget your $3.00/30 calendar coupons!!!   These will work out great to use maybe 2 or 3 on multiple orders!!!! 

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