Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Publix Trip

Man what a GREAT night.  I started out only needing a few items.  I walked out with a cart full of stuff, thankfully some of my rain checks came in.  My totals for the evening were $347.41 my total out of pocket $148.22 which included $100.00 in FUEL!!!   I love the fuel perks....   Here is a snapshot of some items I got. 

Publix Iced tea from the Deli 2 they are BOGO.   $2.59
Produce $48.56   I loaded up on this since I knew I had some MM I was going to take advantage of not having coupons for my produce. 
Rice Cakes $1.89  no Q for this either  :(
Gold Fish 6 these are 10/$10 I used 3 of the $.75 peelies off the bags and got 6 bags for $3.75
Thomas English Muffins $3.89 2   these are BOGO  no coupon
Rotel Dice Tomatoes $1.39/BOGO   I purchased 6 $4.17
Oscar Myer cracker combos are 10/$10.00 with $1.00 Coupon....  well this is basically a free item now so I got 12 they freeze GREAT!!!
Kraft Dressings   $3.19 BOGO   I purchased 6 and used the $1.00/2 I used 3 of these coupons
Tyson Popcorn chicken.  $6.99 less $3.00 in coupons.  There was a Publix coupon for $2.00 off and a mfg. for $1.00
Tyson Nuggets same as above
French's Mustard 2   these are BOGO $1.95 and I used 2 o the $1.00/1 coupons making them $.95 for both bottles
Nature's Own Whitewheat Bread BOGO $2.69  2
M&M Pretzels are BOG $5.39 I used 2 of the $1.00/1 so these were $3.39 for 2 bags 
Breakstone Sour Cream are 2/$3.00  I only purchased 1 and used 1 $1.00 off....  making it $.50
Publix Egg Stirs   ( Egg beaters) $2.19/2  $4.38
Publix Eggs are on sale 2/$3.00  I got 2 dozen 
Publix Sodas are $.50 each I purchased 6 $3.00
Resolve Spray  I purchased 4 o these but had a raincheck for when they were BOGO  $5.98 less the coupons Publix Q and and Mfg. Made these a mm of $1.02
Glad Garbage bags forceflex $5.39 less the $1.00 off coupon   made these $4.39
Carefree body shapers are 10/$10 Publix coupon and Mfg coupon made these a money maker of $2.25
Dog Food  Pedigree/Publix when you buy this get ours for free....  I purchased 4 pedigree $4.76 and got 4 publix free plus I had a coupon for Pedigree of $1.00 off when you buy 4.... so I paid $3.76 for 8 cans of dog food   Dogs are going to love me!!! 
Benadryl  RAINCHECKS!!! 
Lysol Starter kits RAINCHECKS!!! 
Emeril Beef Ravioli Dinners are BOGO $1.49 with a coupon of $1.00/1 so  this was a $.50 money maker!!!  
2 BP GAS CARDS  $100.00 FUEL   used 2 of the $10.00 off when you buy $25.00 in groceries or more!!!  

Grand totals!!!  
Vendor Coupons $112.25
Store Coupons    $151.73
Special buys        $ 83.43
Savings $347.41   my total out of pocket was $148.22 so basically got $395.63 in food and $100.00  in fuel... SWEET DEAL!!!  
way I look @ it.....  $100 bucks for gas and $48.22 for $395.63 worth the food.... . savings of 87%   COUPONS DO WORK!!! 

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