Friday, July 8, 2011


 I don't have many trips to CVS.   I am posting this because I am making a special trip this evening.   Since the $9.00 Extra Bucks are printing from your cards, I figured I'd better take advantage of the savings for this week. 

You can find the complete sales listing over @ I Heart CVS
Here are a few good deals that I will be after and SUPER savings!!!  

John Fredda Full Hair repair is on sale for $7.00 this will be a great match up for the $5.00/1 6/5 SS making this $2.00 each HOWEVER the advantage is CVS has them buy $20.00 get $10 in ECB's I will be checking this out @ the store because not all stores have that on sale!!!!  KEEP THAT IN MIND!!! 

Oral B Cross action Tooth Brush are $3.00 with the $2.00 coupon from 6/5 P&G insert and the $1.00 EB this will basically be FREEEE
Oral B Pulsar brush on sale $5.99 use the $3.00 coupon from 6/5 P&G insert along with the $3.00 EB this makes for FREEE!!!! 

Q Tips are 2/$4 with a $1.00 EB when you buy 2 which I need to get

Gillette Fusion Razor refills have $4.00 off plus $2.00 ECB's so I am sure I can get a pack or 2 for Bryan!!!

Now purchasing all that and getting at least $23.00 in EB's will help me when I purchase the $3.00 bottles of Old Spice....  use the coupons for Buy Wash get the deodorant free and when you buy deodorant get the spray free....  Also the $1.50 6/5 P&G for wash... I will be getting as many as I have coupons!!!:)   Burn up my EB and whatever is left maybe some birthday cards for those in my Family coming AUGUST!!!  HINT HINT LISA!!!   Couple of Sprite 2L's that are on sale for $.69 (limit 5) deal. 

I can't refuse the trip when I will be getting about $60.00 for about $25.00 that's more the 50% savings~
I'll update it when I get home this evening!!! 
Happy shopping!! 

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