Monday, October 10, 2011

Meal Plan Monday!!

Mondays are always fun.  We get to plan the whole week for dinners.   I thought I would share a great way my kids get to be involved.   Our pantry door had  worn down.  So instead of painting it and taking the chance of the wood not matching we decided to chalkboard paint it.  My kids LOVE writing on chalk boards so this was a great way for them to get involved.   I write on it as I need to replenish and they write on it for ideas for dinners.    So no more asking mom what's for dinner....  Just check the door to the pantry!!  :)
We are so busy this week.  Each day either Tanner has a game or Bailey has a game..  My house is the "crazed" house on the left of the street  lol 
Monday-  Game night....  Grilled burgers and hot dogs.   Mac and cheese and broc with cheddar sauce
Tuesday-  Game night so we will have a nice treat for dinner @ Pizza Heaven.  One of the best little mom and pop pizza places in town!!!   Love the food and the people there. 
Wednesday- Game night again!!!     Tacos come to mind.    something quick and the kids can grab as the come in... finish up homework, shower and hit the sack... 
Thursday-  Guess what, game night for volleyball and cheer night...  
Tyson chicken breast sandwiches with tater tots and green beans 
Friday- Mom has a Thirty One Party so Missy is cooking dinner.  hopefully she makes Lasagna.  she makes the best there is... 
Saturday- Game day for football.  I will crock pot a roast for tonight!!  YUMMY!!!  We also will be headed out for Ice Skating for Payton's 8th Birthday.  I can't wait!!!   Kids absolutely LOVED it last time we were there.  
Sunday- we will be @ church lunch in Sebring.  I have a nice coupon for a free steak that I need to burn up so we may make it a day out and have a late lunch/ dinner.....  maybe a late night PB&J   Always a favorite in my household. 

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